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A traditional grooming essential for every man who savors the pleasure of a classic wet shave. Shaving soap performs the essential task of lubrication between the blade and the skin. It softens the skin and thoroughly cleanses it at the same time.

The Benefits of Using Shaving Soap

Less Irritation – Using shaving soap will provide you with a superior glide when shaving. It helps to reduce irritation and can even prevent ingrowing hairs on the face.  

Long Lasting – If you want to prolong your shaving efforts, then harnessing the power of shaving soap can deliver longer-lasting results.

Great Value – Typically, shaving soap lasts longer than traditional foams and creams. Another essential point for those who travel, you can pack this into your carry-on without any issues.

Easy to Use – It is ridiculously easy to use shaving soap, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it this way before.

Takes Care of Skin – Using shaving soap delivers a boost of hydration to the face which is great for your skin health, as well as softening the hair on the face ahead of shaving by removing oils and residue, allowing the water to penetrate the facial hairs.

How Are We Different?

Henri Et Victoria celebrates male grooming in its finest form. We advocate the tradition of shaving and are on a mission to convert as many men as we can back to wet or traditional shaving regimes.

We produce unique artisanal shaving soaps (along with many other products) purpose-made for men, in a range of eccentric scents that advocate eccentricity in its finest form.


Potassium Stearate, Potassium Cocoate, Water, Glycerine, Potassium Ricenoalete, Parfum

Additional information

Weight 0.166 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 cm

Absinthe, Chestnut L'Orange, Cognac and cuban cigars, Fougère, Poire, Unscented



24 reviews for previous base Shaving Soap

  1. Doug

    The lather lasts forever! Really enjoy this soap. The scent sticks around for a decent amount of time also. Another great product by Claude!

  2. Sam

    Performs equally as well as the legendary martin de candre but costs a whole lot less. What’s not to love? The scent is superb, the price is just right, and it lathers excellently with a nice short ingredient list. I really hope Claude makes a Coconut scent – I’d be all over that!

  3. Mike

    I walked into MenEssentials in Toronto the other day with every intention of buying a popular shave cream I had read about online. The sales associate pointed out the Henri et Victoria line saying the feedback had been excellent so I decided to grab a tub of La Poire Francaise instead. Am I ever glad I did. It lathered up beautifully and provided a very slick coating. Great protection and a wonderful scent made for an incredible shave and very enjoyable experience overall. Highly recommend it!

  4. Kyle

    Paired this with the matching aftershave balm and I love them both. Smells amazing in the tub but the scent really comes alive when lathered. The lather is excellent as well. This is definitely my new favorite soap.

  5. Duncan

    Excellent unique scent that’s sure to be a top pick in anyone’s collection of soaps. Also glad I ordered the aftershave splash which feels great and lets me carry this wonderful scent all day. Thanks Claude & I’m looking forward to trying other products of yours!

  6. Paul

    First off, only ~5% of the reviews I write get 5 stars. There are many top-shelf producers of fine soaps out there and this is one of them. But what makes Henri et Victoria stand head and shoulders above the competition is the incredible scent of Cognac and Cuban Cigars. Women will look longingly at you from afar, then look forlorn and down at the floor when your scent tells them you’re out of their league. When you enter the boardroom, the men will immediately acknowledge you as a man of consequence, character, integrity and worthy of the utmost respect. Your ideas in the workplace, (no matter how insane) will be received with complete consideration. The scent is dripping with confidence. The matching aftershave balm is also premium. Way to go Henri, this is definitely a buy-again product in my books.

  7. Bob Connell

    I was lucky enough to hear about the Cognac & Cuban Cigar soap. I bought a jar and was not disappointed. This is an excellent performing soap and scent! I liked it so much that I ordered the aftershave splash, which took some doing from the USA. I then made the mistake of looking at the brushes and ordered a High Mountian White. What a great trio!! Keep up the good work!!

  8. Keith Sampino

    The fragrance of this soap is just exquisite. Dry, it smells sweet and almost buttery like a warm butter cookie. The orange really starts to come out when you lather this up and yes it does remind one of Grand Marnier. Lathers up very well and very quickly with very good slickness and post-shave feel. Again, wonderful soap!

  9. Stefan Dumas

    This is an amazing product. The fragrance alone had me hooked. Now I hope you guys have other sharing and beard products with the same fragrance. Thanks to Pascal at Retroshop for letting me discover this product.

  10. Charles

    I recently found out about your products through Maggard Razors here in the U.S. I honestly wasn’t familiar with them but came to your website and saw great reviews here and on Badger and Blade so I decided to try this shaving soap.Am I glad I did! The pear scent is nice and clean and not overpowering. The most impressive thing was how easily I was able to generate such awesome lather! The lather was very cushioning and slick, maybe the best shaving soap I have used and I have tried many different brands! I will definitely be trying more of your soaps and am looking forward to trying your after shaves also. Thanks for making great products! Glad we can get your products here in the states!

  11. Frank T.

    Fantastic lather, wonderful smell and a good price. They even sent it to me to Germany! Thanks.

  12. Keith

    First tried this as a sample that I got from the Maggard Razors shaving meet up in April (??). At that time I bought your Chestnut L’Orange and Bergamot Vetiver and loved them both, but waited to buy this one. Definitely worth the wait! First, the scent. It is incredible (and that word probably doesn’t do it justice). It really does smell just like spreading a pear dessert all over your face. I rarely do 3 pass shaves, but I did with this because I just wanted to keep smelling it. Like the other two soaps mentioned, it lathers extremely well with great slickness. Pair this up (no pun intended) with a citrus or even a lavender after shave and it’s just a wonderful experience!

  13. Lawrence Bethune

    This is the first soap I ever tried when I got back into wet shaving. The scent was intoxicating and last for a little while (unlike some soaps where the scent disappears quickly). One young woman, at the beer store, looked at me and said, “you smell wonderful”! I wish I were younger as I would know exactly how to proceed but, as a married, faithful and loyal man all I could think was, Baby just keep on walkin’!.

    The lather is immediate and plentiful. It is hard to mess up and I’ve tried palm, hand, bowl and face lathering. I have a LOT of soaps now but still keep coming back to Henri et Victoria for a good, smooth, close shave. This soap has amazing slickness.

    Thanks very much Claud. I now have 3 of your scents (soon to be 5) and love them.

    Lawrence B.

  14. Kareem

    Wow this stuff is great. Heard about it by word of mouth from a friend. Smells exactly as it sounds. Very pleasant. My wife says this is the best smelling of all the soaps I have ever bought (and I’ve bought many… I have a problem). Performance is stellar too. Slick, cushiony, etc. Also it’s nice to find a soap without the garbage chemicals that you find in bigger commercially made soaps. I also bought the unscented balm, which I think is the best balm I have ever bought. All in all, very impressed. I will be a long term customer for sure.

  15. Brad Hart

    I am so excited that I discovered Henri et Victoria at my local shaving supply shop! The whole range of soaps has intoxicatingly unique scents, but having no idea how they would perform, I talked myself down from splurging on the lot and settled on buying one to try – the Chestnut L’Orange.

    This soap smells amazing! In the tub it is a very nutty, buttery, almost maple-like smell, with very little indication of citrus. Once you begin to lather, however, a lovely, Grand Marnier style orange scent can be detected in with the nuttiness. Heavenly.

    I found the soap very easy to lather, and by adding some drips of water as I went, I was rewarded with the perfect consistency (for me, anyway) for a great shave. My straight razor glided over my face beautifully with this soap, and I had plenty of cushion from it as well.

    I will definitely be adding other Henri et Victoria soaps to my shaving routine!

  16. Michael Marrin

    I’ve tried the unscented soap twice now – it’s fantastic! I love that there is no discernible scent. It’s slick and easy to lather. Very pleased.
    Very comfortable shave. I like that it is a soft soap as I can mold it into a favourite pottery shaving bowl. it doesn’t spin around like hard soaps, so the whole experience is a little nicer. Highly recommended!

  17. Andrew Csabai

    I have been a wet shaver for a number of years and have tried many type and brands of shave soaps and I am very picky about performance and scent. I like a subtle, slightly sweet but not overpowering scent. I hit the jackpot here! Not only does it incorporate my favorite scents(cigars and cognac) but I also sense a little bit of pipe tobacco. The shave cream lathers very nicely, provides nice cushioning and glide.
    This is by far my most favorite shave cream!

  18. Paul

    I would like to congratulate Claude on this terrific creation. His Nautilus soap is gentle and cool, with a scent that is perfect for the warmer months. The lather is rich and provides excellent protection and the grassy hints of bamboo conjure images of cool waters and early morning dew. Nautilus has quickly become one of my favourite soaps. Merci Claude!

  19. Florent

    The best shaving soap for me… the scent is perfect and performances are perfect too !

  20. Cal

    I purchased several of the Henri et Victoria shaving soaps from a re seller at a farmer’s market outside of Calgary. Although the Cuban Cigar and Cognac is wonderful, I think this is truly my favourite scent. The soap lathers up readily using a silver-tip badger shaving brush, and provides excellent glide characteristics for the razor itself. But, aside from the wonderful shave, the scent is almost decadent… subtle, but very appealing and very long lasting. I’ve been shaving with brush and soap for well over 30 years, and during that time have tried a lot of different products. But, that said, I think I’ve finally found a favourite, and it’s driving me to consider purchasing the after shave splash made from the same scent. Marvelous product folks… merci, merci beaucoup!

  21. Geoff

    Being a fan of the Cognac and Cuban Cigars line, I thought I would also give this a try since my skin has a bit of a reaction to C&C oils.

    The Str8shave soap is amazing: Smooth, thick, works up well etc. The scent is also very note worthy: I think clean and fresh. I’ve received compliments on this line and I really love using it. My fairly sensitive skin tolerates the oils well.

    Well done Henry et Victoria, c’est magnifique!

  22. Geoff

    Really love the soap it’s rich and whips up easily, as you would expect from Henry et Victoria. The scent is also very nice. It’s hard to describe but it’s a very masculine rose scent with a bit of sweetness and lingering classic soap notes. Herbal is definitely in there but at first thing I notice is sweetness and floral.

    This is one of my new favourites as it has such distinct character.

  23. helohoss

    I absolutely love the smell of this soap. It lathers easy and seems to perform well. I’ve been wet shaving for less than a year, and I found my skin would get tingly when using this, almost to the point where it distracted me from my shave. There didn’t seem to be a bad reaction after the shave, just tingling during the shave. I contacted Henri et Victoria, and they sent me a sample kit to see if maybe it was the cedarwood oil that was the irritant. What I discovered was I was not hydrating the soap well enough, causing irritation. The other soaps (including Lumberjack – cedar smell) did not seem to bother me. I tried the C&CC again and seemed much better. Great customer service and a great product. Easy to lather, slick, good cushion, and a smell that I absolutely love. Coupled with their aftershave balm, I get a phenomenal shave.

  24. Lance

    I Met Ralph from Calgary who sells this product, I am 50 years old and have always shaved with cheap disposable razors. I bought the 2 sided safety razor and I will never go back to normal shaving again! I bought the Cognac and Cuban Cigar and it smells amazing! I will be going back to buy the Bay Rum! Thanks Ralph for your time and education!

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